Social Media Training and Development

Are you making the most of the different social media platforms available to you? Have you got a coordinated, structured approach to posting and creating engagement or are you struggling to find the time, post regularly or to generate the interest in what you have to offer through your business. Do you know what tools are available for free in different social media platforms, including helpful analytics that can assist you in understanding how effective your posts are? Do you understand the purpose of scheduling tools and how they can streamline your social media posting in order to boost your presence online? Are you taking advantage of other online tools to create your brand identity and to generate professional images to use with your posts?

How it works:

Discovery Call to explore whether training is the right ‘next step’ for you and whether I am the right mentor for you.

Bespoke programme of support, agreed through discussion in the discovery call to include:

1 hour sessions via Zoom (no minimum booking)

Cost: £75 per hour


£375 for a block booking of 6 x 1 hour sessions, to incorporate training and development across at least 2 platforms and analytics support.

Communications / Calendar / Booking system creation

How easy is it for a potential client to book time with you? Are you potentially losing clients to other competitors because they can’t get in touch with you? Are people able to easily find your webpage / social media pages / booking pages?

One of the biggest challenges that people have is coordinating with each other to find a mutually convenient slot in their diaries. There are extremely affordable systems that you can set up and use to create an easy to use booking system, that syncs with your own calendar (e.g. iCal, Google calendar), taking the hassle out of booking your time.

How it works:

1 hour sessions via Zoom and/or system creation (based on client needs)

Bespoke programme of support to assess your needs, explore different software/system options and to create a plan to implement some/all into your business processes

Cost: £75 per hour or £375 for a block booking of 6 hours of time (to incorporate Zoom and/or system creation work)

General business support / business planning and review

When you are starting out by yourself, it can be utterly terrifying. Record keeping, managing your time, running your marketing, keeping track of your finances…the list goes on. As a fledgling business owner, it can seem really daunting. My experience tells me that it is best to start in an organised and effective way, so that you are as efficient as possible and can also focus on your core business activity, whatever that may be.

As you start to branch out, you may find it helpful to explore your business idea with someone who has gone through the process themselves and has worked with others who have done the same. Learn from our mistakes and experiences, gain helpful advice and guidance about systems and processes that will be helpful to you and have someone who can help you to anticipate and solve problems, so that your business runs smoothly.

How it works:

1 hour sessions via Zoom either ad hoc or as a sequence to address a specific set of needs.

Bespoke programme of support to assess your needs, explore different systems and processes and to create a plan to implement some/all into your business processes

Cost: £75 per hour, £375 for block booking of 6 x 1 hour sessions.

Case Studies

Sharon C

Sharon is a successful business woman who has built and franchised a thriving tuition business over the past 8 years. In 2020, it was clear that part of the challenge of continuing to grow was arising from how difficult it could be to coordinate and schedule meetings with potential clients. Additionally, the nature of her business required the sending of pre-information and clients to be able to access material from Sharon’s website, as well as being transparent with her social media presence including LinkedIn.

Sharon spent two sessions with me looking at two specific systems that could support her in streamlining her communications and booking processes. As a result, the whole process is now automated and clients are able to book discovery calls, meetings and other appointment types directly into her calendar, in the time slots that she makes available. Clients are also able to access all of the information they need across different sites and platforms, through a single web based link. This means that the client experience is efficient and effective, whilst Sharon is able to spend significantly less time managing her own calendar appointments.

Andrew C

Andrew is an extremely busy photographer, running two businesses with different specialisms.

After receiving a recommendation from another client of mine, Andrew got in touch to discuss how calendar scheduling software could be used to create a seamless experience for the customer, from initial enquiry, through to booking, payment and the photography session follow up.

Following an initial call to identify the specific needs, the customer experience ‘flow’ that he required, types of appointments / packages etc, I then created the system setup in the background, tested functionality and provided additional technical support / developments as required.

As a result, Andrew has a booking system that runs at least 18 months in advance, with different types of appointments, payment plans and gift vouchers that can be used easily by clients, freeing Andrew up to focus (pun intended) on the art of his photography.